The Best Online Cricket Betting Sites of 2024

Cricket, with its global appeal and thrilling matches, continues to captivate fans worldwide. For enthusiasts looking to add excitement to their cricket viewing experience, online betting sites offer a convenient platform to place wagers on matches, tournaments, and individual performances. Here’s a rundown of some of the top online cricket betting sites for 2024 that cater to both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike.

1. Bet365

Bet365 stands out as one of the most comprehensive platforms for cricket betting. With a wide range of markets covering international matches, domestic leagues, and even niche tournaments, Bet365 offers competitive odds and live streaming options. Their user-friendly interface and reliable customer support make it a preferred choice among cricket betting enthusiasts.

2. 1xBet

Known for its extensive coverage of sports and betting markets, 1xBet provides a robust platform for cricket betting. From popular formats like Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20s to lesser-known leagues, 1xBet offers diverse betting options with attractive odds. The site also features live betting and generous promotions, enhancing the overall betting experience.

3. Betway

Betway has established itself as a trusted name in the online betting industry, offering a dedicated section for cricket betting. With competitive odds, live betting features, and a user-friendly mobile app, Betway provides a seamless betting experience for cricket fans. The site covers major cricket events globally, including the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the ICC Cricket World Cup.

4. 10Cric

As a specialized cricket betting site, 10Cric caters specifically to cricket enthusiasts. The platform offers a wide array of betting markets, including match outcomes, player performances, and tournament winners. With bonuses tailored for cricket betting and a focus on Indian markets, 10Cric has become a popular choice among bettors in South Asia and beyond.

5. Betfair

Betfair is renowned for its betting exchange platform, where users can bet against each other rather than against the house. This unique feature allows for better odds and greater flexibility in betting strategies. Betfair covers major cricket events comprehensively and offers innovative features such as cash-out and in-play betting.

6. 22Bet

With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of sports betting options, including cricket, 22Bet appeals to a global audience. The site provides competitive odds on various cricket formats and tournaments, along with live streaming options for selected matches. Their generous welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions attract both new and seasoned bettors.

7. 888sport

888sport offers a reliable platform for cricket betting enthusiasts with a focus on competitive odds and live betting features. The site covers major cricket events worldwide and provides comprehensive statistics and insights to aid bettors in making informed decisions. With a secure betting environment and responsive customer support, 888sport ensures a smooth betting experience.


Choosing the right online cricket betting site involves considering factors such as betting options, odds competitiveness, security, and user experience. The sites mentioned above are leaders in the industry for 2024, providing a range of features to enhance the excitement of cricket betting. Whether you’re a casual bettor or a seasoned punter, these platforms offer something for everyone. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the thrill of cricket betting responsibly on these top-rated sites.

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