Top 10 Tips for Finding the Best Fitting Scrubs Online

Most people find it hard to identify the correct size when shopping for scrubs online. Shopping online is one of the most convenient ways to purchase scrubs. That being said, how do you know that they will fit right? Here are ten tips to get the best-fitting scrubs online that will keep you comfortable through your shifts.


1. Know Your Measurements

Use a measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, hips, and inseam before buying scrubs online. Use a measuring tape that can easily bend. Write down your measurements for future purchases. Understanding your measurements is useful when you are going to order clothes online. You can then compare all your measurements with the ones given by the Web-seller.


2. Refer to Size Charts

Each brand has different measurements, so it is important to check for the size chart of that particular brand whenever placing an order. To know the right size you should match your measurements to the size chart. Do not assume that you will fit your regular size or vice versa because they differ when considering various brands.


3. Read Customer Reviews

Reviews from customers themselves may also be effective in knowing more about how a particular type of scrub or design can fit. Search for comments concerning the true-to-size fit, the stretchability of the fabric, and comfort level. It would be most beneficial if the reviews were given by health care professionals similar to you in build.


4. Check the Fabric Composition

The composition of the fabric determines the fit and feel of scrubs. It is advisable to choose blends that contain spandex or elastane fabrics as they provide stretchability, which is ideal if you’re in between sizes. On the other hand, 100% cotton scrubs might shrink slightly after washing but can offer great comfort and breathability. Knowing the fabric content will allow you to predict the fit of the scrubs and how they will last before needing replacement.


5. Consider Your Body Shape

People need to be aware that various scrub styles reflect different types of body shapes. For instance, a mock wrap top might suit a woman with a fuller bust more appropriately, while straight-leg pants will make your legs look longer. Look at the cut and design of the scrubs to avoid choosing a style that doesn’t flatter your body type.


6. Look for Adjustable Features

Some scrubs like those with drawstring waistbands, elasticated waist, or side vents are more fitting as they can be adjusted. Such features enable you to customize the scrubs for your body type by adding even more comfort and versatility throughout a shift.


7. Buy from Reputable Retailers

Buy scrubs from authentic websites that are reputable for their sales of quality scrubs and good customer support. Big brands like Iguanamed offer reliable sizes, detailed descriptions of products, and genuine customer feedback. Also, they provide better return policies if the scrubs do not fit as desired or anticipated.


8. Optimize the use of Virtual Fitting Tools

Certain internet shops implemented applications that would let you input your necessary dimensions and preview how the exact size and model will fit on your body. These tools could be very useful in terms of evaluating the fit and could help in making the decision much more sound.


9. Buy Multiple Sizes and Take Advantage of the Return Policies

If you are confused about the size, you should try ordering two sizes. You can return the ones that are too big or too small. Ensure the retailer has a good return policy since most clothes sometimes do not fit as expected. Wearing different sizes at home can eliminate the uncertainty of getting the correct size.


10. Pay Attention to Lengths

Besides the width, one must also consider the length of tops and pants. Most of the apparel products come in petite, regular, and tall sizes to suit the varying heights of the consumers. Selecting the right length assures proper fitting and it does not come short or drags on the floor.


Final Words

When searching for the best fitting scrubs there is no need to be overwhelmed by the internet. Thus, when choosing garments, knowing your measurements, comparing them with the size chart, reading others’ experiences, or paying attention to fabric composition is possible. Continuing to check on body shape, as well as seeking adjustability, and purchasing from dependable retailers increases the probability of getting a proper fit. Another useful technique includes using virtual fitting tools and ordering multiple sizes utilizing return policies as well. Consider the length to provide a professional look and be comfortable for extended working hours.


With these ten tips, you can be sure that the next time you shop for scrubs online. You will find scrubs that fit you perfectly and suit your needs. With the best-fitting scrubs, you can face anything in the healthcare field that awaits you.


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