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Prefer the best AC company in India to choose your home air conditioner

Keeping your home cool during the peak summer season is essential to make it a comfortable living place. You can beat the hot summer with a reliable air conditioner wherever you live. By finding the best AC company in India, you can seek a varied range of ACs. It might seem daunting if you are a novice to buying this electronic appliance. From the myriad of options available in the market, it may take work to choose the best. However, with simple and effective tips, you can make this chore hassle-free. But first, look at how an air conditioning unit can make your life easier.

Primary working of an Air conditioner

Air conditioner is a good choice to strive for beating the hottest day temperature. These units have an in-built mechanism to draw hot air from the room. The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the space where the AC is installed. Then, it transfers heat outside the room to make it cool at the set temperature. An air conditioner 1 ton is enough to keep a small bedroom cool enough to give you comfortable sleep. Apart from this, an AC can work to:

  • Control humidity
  • Supply cleaner air
  • Perform anti-odor function
  • Prevent overheating

As you can see above, AC works to deliver optimum results. If you have one, look no further than the best AC company in India.

Tips to find the best AC company in India

AC is a considerable investment as the prices of these appliances often rise during the peak summer season. Therefore, careful selection is crucial to make the most of your spending. Here are some useful tips you need to follow to make it worthwhile.

Type of AC

Window or split ACs are highly preferred for homes as they come at sensible prices. If you choose a window air conditioner 1 ton unit, it comes under a reasonable budget. But you must have open space behind the wall of your room for heat transfer outside. Also, a slot is required in the wall to install window AC. But if you don’t want to break the wall or haven’t open space, then split AC is good. This is a wall-mounted AC and can add an appeal to your room. Remember, split ACs are more expensive than window units.

Capacity of AC

Selecting an AC with suitable cooling capacity ensures better space cooling. Carrier is the best AC company in India, offering a range of ACs with different capacities. You can choose 1 ton AC if you have 80 to 100 square foot space to cool. But if the space is more, 1.5 ton AC would be enough to meet your purpose resourcefully. However, a 2-ton AC is needed to cover a large space such as a wider living room.

Check EER rating

EER is the energy-efficient rating of an air conditioning unit, which determines its power consumption efficiency. Suppose you pick an air conditioner 1 ton unit with a 5-star rating. It would certainly consume less power due to smooth working than 3-star AC. The 5-star AC usually consumes 470 watts of power, comparatively 600 watts by 3-star AC. So, to make cooling your space budget-friendly, 5-star AC is recommended. However, choosing between window or split is not an issue with the EER rating.

FAQ: Do ACs provide air purification?

Yes! An air conditioner can purify your room’s air by expelling harmful pollutants. It brings fresh air to your room, delivering a neat and clean sleeping climate. However, it would help if you bought an air conditioner from the best AC company in India.

To sum up

Considering these tips, you can have a top-notch selection for your home AC. Not to mention, choosing the best AC company in India is essential for worthwhile spending. So, visit your nearby dealership and check the variety of ACs to choose from. Don’t forget to compare prices and features to have an edge over competition.



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