Book free Ambulance for pregnant women

Introduction Book free Ambulance for pregnant women

In a good society for being, everyone must care for expecting mothers. Similarly, if the government is also promoting schemes and steps in care for Expecting mothers or pregnant women, then it is considered a great rule. However, it’s also crucial for the private sector to ensure care for expecting mothers.

Similarly, GoAid Ambulance got in the news with its Scheme for Free Ambulance Service for Women. This might be a new thing for you, but many expected mothers can avail of these benefits. If you are not aware of this ambulance scheme or how to book a Free Ambulance for Pregnant women, then in this blog, we will provide you a great in & out information related to this scheme and the method of booking free ambulance services for pregnant women.

So, let’s start-

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Book Free Ambulance services for Pregnant Women

To book free ambulance services for pregnant women, two methods are available: government ambulances and the innovative GoAid Ambulance Scheme.

Government Ambulance

  1. Contact Local Health Department: Reach out to the local health department or emergency services helpline.
  2. Provide Details: Furnish crucial information like your location, medical condition, and pregnancy status.
  3. Await Assistance: Government ambulances will promptly arrive to facilitate a secure journey to the required medical facility.

GoAid Ambulance Scheme

  1. Download the App or Call Helpline: Utilize the GoAid Ambulance Service app or call their dedicated helpline.
  2. User-Friendly Booking: Follow a straightforward process to book a free ambulance tailored for pregnancy-related transportation.
  3. Refund Incentive: Take advantage of the unique scheme, which not only provides free ambulance services but also offers a complete refund for those delivering a girl child.
  4. Documentation Process: Upon childbirth, complete the necessary documentation to claim the refund, contributing to the celebration of gender equality.

What is GoAid Ambulance Service’s Scheme of “Free Ambulance for Pregnant Women?”

GoAid Ambulance Service in India offers free ambulance rides for pregnant women. If a woman delivers a baby girl, the ambulance fare is fully refunded after submitting the necessary documents. This scheme aims to make healthcare more affordable and accessible while celebrating the birth of every child. Completed details are added below-

  1. Eligibility Criteria:

The scheme applies to all pregnant women residing in major cities across India.

To avail of the free ambulance service, the woman must need medical transportation related to her pregnancy, whether for routine check-ups, emergencies, or childbirth.

  1. Application Process:

Pregnant women can easily book a free ambulance through the GoAid Ambulance Service app or by contacting their helpline.

The application process is user-friendly, ensuring that women can access the service swiftly during critical situations.

  1. Refund Scheme for Girl Child Birth:

In an empowering initiative, GoAid Ambulance Service offers a refund of the entire ambulance fare for pregnant women who give birth to a girl child.

To claim the refund, the woman needs to complete the necessary documentation after childbirth.

  1. Documentation Requirements:

To qualify for the refund, the woman must provide relevant documents such as the birth certificate of the newborn, proof of ambulance usage, and any other documents as specified by GoAid Ambulance Service.

  1. Affordability and Quality Service:

Beyond the refund incentive, GoAid Ambulance Service remains committed to providing affordable yet high-quality ambulance services to pregnant women.

The scheme aims to alleviate financial burdens associated with medical transportation, ensuring that every woman can access timely and safe transport during pregnancy.

  1. Promoting Gender Equity:

By offering a refund specifically for the birth of a girl child, GoAid Ambulance Service contributes to the broader societal goal of promoting gender equality and celebrating the birth of every child, irrespective of gender.

  1. Public Awareness Campaigns:

To ensure that pregnant women are aware of this beneficial scheme, GoAid Ambulance Service in delhi conducts public awareness campaigns through various channels, including social media, community outreach programs, and collaboration with healthcare institutions.


In conclusion, booking a free ambulance for pregnant women is vital for their safety. Two accessible options include reaching out to local health departments for government ambulances or using the user-friendly GoAid Ambulance Scheme app or helpline.

Government ambulances offer a straightforward process, while GoAid ambulance service provides not only free services but also a refund incentive for delivering a girl child. These initiatives prioritize the well-being of expectant mothers, ensuring they have stress-free and affordable transportation to essential medical care.

By choosing either option, pregnant women can confidently secure the support they need during critical times.


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