Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde?

Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde?

Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde is a highly accomplished and respected professional in the field of environmental science and engineering. With over 30 years of experience, she has made significant contributions to the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure in the United States and around the world.

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Dr. Murillo-Rohde is a licensed professional engineer and a certified floodplain manager. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Universidad del Valle in Colombia, a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Throughout her career, Dr. Murillo-Rohde has held leadership positions in academia, government, and the private sector. She has served as a professor and researcher at several universities, including the University of Maryland and the University of the District of Columbia. She has also worked for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), where she led research programs related to energy efficiency and sustainability.

In addition to her academic and government work, Dr. Murillo-Rohde has consulted for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, and local governments. She has provided expert guidance on a variety of issues, including water resources management, flood risk mitigation, and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Murillo-Rohde has received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the field of environmental science and engineering. She is a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and has been recognized as a distinguished alumna by both the University of Maryland and the University of Texas at Austin.

Overall, Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde’s extensive experience and expertise make her a highly respected and influential figure in the field of environmental science and engineering.

Founding of NAHN

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) was founded in 1975 by Ildaura Murillo-Rohde and a group of other Hispanic nurses who recognized the need for a national organization to represent and support Hispanic nurses. At the time, Hispanic nurses faced significant challenges in their profession, including discrimination, limited opportunities for advancement, and lack of representation in nursing organizations.

The founders of NAHN believed that by coming together as a unified voice, Hispanic nurses could address these challenges and work to improve the health of Hispanic communities. They aimed to provide a platform for Hispanic nurses to share their experiences and perspectives, support one another in their professional development, and advocate for policies and practices that would promote equity and inclusion in nursing.

Since its founding, NAHN has grown into a national organization with over 5,000 members across the United States. The organization provides a range of resources and programs to support the professional development of Hispanic nurses, including scholarships, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities. NAHN also advocates for policies and initiatives that address health disparities in Hispanic communities and promote diversity and inclusion in nursing.

As the co-founder of NAHN, Ildaura Murillo-Rohde played a critical role in shaping the organization’s vision and mission. Today, her legacy continues to inspire and guide the work of NAHN and the many Hispanic nurses who benefit from its programs and resources.



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