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8 tips for treating dog hair loss

Dog hair loss happens, naturally, due to the shedding of hair , which is a natural process, with greater intensity in the summer and winter seasons. With the exchange, there is, of course, hair loss, which happens more frequently in dogs that have a double coat , which is a soft and thick inner coat that helps protect it from extreme temperatures.

The change of hair happens in all dogs that have hair and lasts for about  a month , and may vary.

To better understand the shedding and shedding of dogs, it is important to know why it occurs and how the animal’s body works in terms of coat and hair.

What is the function of the hairs?

Hair has important functions in both dogs and cats, so it’s important not to over-shape them.
The presence of hair is important, as they are the ones that protect the skin and are responsible for maintaining the ideal body temperature of pets. Radical haircuts can make them feel cold!

Therefore, respect the characteristics of the coat and notice the moments of hair exchange.

Why do dogs lose hair?

As we have already mentioned, dog hair loss is something natural that usually happens when there are large variations in temperature, such as summer and winter. However, it is important to know how to identify because there are some other unnatural causes.

Asymmetrical hair loss , that is, only in a specific part of the body, are usually caused by parasites . Symmetrical falls , which happen throughout the body, are usually caused by hormonal problems in the animal. Falls are usually related to mycoses, skin infections, stress, scabies and allergies .

If your dog has an unnatural hair loss, look for a veterinarian , as this loss may just be a symptom of another problem. It is important to seek help from an expert, as only he can assess the case well and present a diagnosis.

How to reduce dog hair loss?

If you have identified that your dog’s hair loss is really natural, according to the exchange, then check out the tips below to treat and reduce it. Changing the coat is irreversible, but you can take some care to alleviate the situation , as hair scattered on the floor or on furniture in the house can cause discomfort, so if the shedding is occurring in an exaggerated way, follow these tips:

1. Grooming

The dog’s hair will fall out anyway, so it’s interesting to perform a clipping and remove some of the excess unwanted hair. Doing this is better than seeing your puppy’s hair falling inside your house. Just don’t overdo it with grooming, as previously mentioned, fur has important functions for the dog.

2. Brushing

Brushing your puppy every day also helps a lot. The fur falls close to you when you’re brushing, and it’s easy to identify and discard. Always brush in the direction of the fur, this removes loose and dead hair and won’t be as unpleasant for your dog. This will prevent him from falling later on carpets, clothes and furniture.

3. Hygiene

Taking care of your dog’s hygiene is essential, so we recommend that you bathe him every 15 days, at least, to avoid excessive body moisture.

If you notice any worrying signs in your dog, he may have an illness. After consulting with the veterinarian, he will indicate the best solution, which can be shampoos for seborrhea, atopy (allergies), fungus, bacteria, scabies, irritation and others.

4. sun

Dogs that live in an apartment and/or don’t walk often are more likely to suffer from hair loss. So remember to leave a little corner in your house or apartment so he can get some sun and also take him for a walk at pleasant times with plenty of sunlight.

5. Food

One of the causes of too much shedding is the animal’s poor diet. Just like us humans, food interferes a lot with our aesthetics, skin and hair.
Therefore, the food must contain all the necessary nutrients for your dog’s diet.

Follow the veterinarian’s recommendations regarding the most suitable food for your dog.

6. Signs

If your dog is scratching himself more than usual, with peeling skin or wounds, analyze him to see if he doesn’t have fleas or ticks .
This can be a cause for hair loss that can turn into a bigger problem in the future.

7. Professional

Never forget your dog’s regular vet appointments. Any strange sign, he should know to be able to assess and treat any problem.

Dog hair loss is something natural and an owner has to get used to it. Large hair falls are not normal, if your dog has a large hair loss, look for a veterinarian.

8. Cleaning

Another recommendation is to have a portable vacuum cleaner at home to vacuum the fur as soon as it is found, facilitating the cleaning of the environment .

With these 8 tips, we hope you can take better care of your dog’s skin health, preventing hair loss and other major problems.

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