What Should You be Careful about When Preparing for IAS Online

When you plan to prepare for IAS or Indian Administrative Service exam that too online, you experience an abundance of emotions. Certainly, you cannot take it lightly as it can contribute towards your ultimate goal of doing great at your exam. 

Remember, it is good that you can prepare for your exam online IAS that too from the ease of your home. but you should be thoughtful about certain other things too that do matter and can impact your prep. So, here are some points for your quick read:

No planning at all 

If you are someone who feels that you will see when the time comes, then it is a good approach. But this approach does not go well or may fail to get you desired results if you follow it for an exam like IAS. You have to start working on your prep much in advance to ensure you are ready for it. unable to create a properly structured study plan can end up in inefficient use of your essential time and resources. You have to have a plan in mind and make sure that you follow it for your productive prep and performance.

The Habit of Procrastination

If you are preparing for a competitive exam, you cannot do it leisurely. If you wait till the last minute to begin your preparation, then you can end up with incomplete coverage of the syllabus and extensive stress. no matter whether you are studying online or offline, taking classes or doing it yourself, you have to be at a distance from procrastination. You must ensure that you don’t put your studies for later time. Whenever you can, you should do the topics, concepts and everything. if you get into the practice of procrastination, you won’t even know, and your time will pass by unproductively.

Dodging the Syllabus

You know, if you do not understand the exam syllabus thoroughly, it can lead to overlooking critical topics. You have to be confident about your syllabus. You should know what exactly is there in the syllabus and how you want to go about it. if you are not certain about the exam syllabus, your prep will be messy and unorganized. 

Missing out on NCERT Books

Well, come on, you cannot do that if you are a real aspirant of IAS. Dodging the foundational NCERT textbooks can really weaken your understanding of general concepts. So, be careful that you are studying these books to prepare in the most effective, productive and efficient manner. the point is the clarity you get through these books can be missing elsewhere.

Putting too much stress on Current Affairs

Though it is true that current affairs are critical , focusing completely on them may neglect static subjects such as geography, history , and economics. So, you cannot simply dodge these areas because of your extensive attention to current affairs. When you prepare for your exam, you have to be attentive about the entire exam and all the subjects that it includes. Current affairs are significant, but make sure you don’t leave behind the other areas of the exam.

Depending on a Single Source

If you are someone who relies solely on one study material or even resource, then it can definitely lead to a narrow understanding of the concepts and topics. So, be careful that you pay attention to different sources. Of course, if you are preparing in coaching or a class, you can make the most of their sources for your best prep.

Absence of revision Strategy

Being unable to revise regularly can result in forgetting important information before your exam. Come on, revision is one of the main things that aspirants must not miss out on. When you revise the knowledge and information you have absorbed during prep, you ensure clarity about the stuff. What is the point if everything is lying in your mind topsy-turvy, and at the time of the exam, you have all the knowledge in mind but are unorganized? Revision organizes the essential topics and concepts in your mind and ensures that you don’t get confused when you see them in the exam. It does not make any sense if, on the day of the test, you get the question and you know the answer, but you feel perplexed, your mind is full of messy information. So having information in your mind and staying clear about it are two different things.

Abandoning Mock Tests

You know dodging mock tests can prevent you from measuring your strengths and even weaknesses and enhancing your time management skills. Come on; if you ask the experts or people who have succeeded in the IAS exam, you will hear they have practised endless mock tests. The thing is, these are the tests that help you get clarity about where you are and where you should be. You would know about your low areas and your strengths. Accordingly, you can change and modify your studying pattern and schedule. 

Avoiding Guidance

If you think that you are great, it is okay. but such an approach may hinder you from growing and doing better in life. You should make it a practice to talk to your mentors, peers, or even coaches experts when you are preparing for your exam, as their guidance can be helpful for you. they can share insightful knowledge and strategies that may be productive for you.

Ignoring your Health and Well-being

It is good that you are dedicatedly preparing for your exam, but make sure that you don’t leave behind your health. Overlooking your physical and mental health can simply hamper your capability to concentrate and perform well.

Dodging Optional Subject

In case applicable, dodging the preparation of your optional subject can lead to a weaker overall score. You will not just feel weak but also unconfident about your performance. so pay attention to everything that demands it.


So, after reading about the things that you should be careful about, make sure that you prepare for your IAS exam with utmost clarity, effectiveness and seriousness. Whether you join an ias coaching centre or do self-study, these points are significant for you to follow.

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