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8 reasons to invest in decorating your restaurant

Nowadays, people are looking for much more than just eating and drinking well. Establishments carefully thought out to receive customers are the most sought after by those who dine out. After all, restaurant customers want to feel warm and welcome in these places.

Often, elements such as colors, crockery, lighting, tablecloths and wall decoration directly influence a person’s stay in the restaurant and, above all, consumption. Thinking about and investing in restaurant decoration is a great way out for anyone who wants to stand out in the market.

A well-thought-out decoration can retain and attract new customers, increase profits and enrich the consumer experience in your establishment. Therefore, we have listed 8 reasons that will demonstrate that an organized, well-designed and beautifully decorated environment causes great impressions and positively attracts attention.

1. Personality guarantee

The well-made and carefully chosen decoration becomes the identity of your establishment. She is a guarantee of her own personality. Therefore, a stylish visual identity, which involves all elements of your restaurant, will certainly attract customers’ attention to something beyond what is served. One way to do this is to invest in themed decor. In addition to attracting those interested in the theme, this type of decoration also draws the attention of onlookers, wins over new customers and increases the number of regulars. Success recipe to have a full house!

2. Attraction of new audiences

If your establishment has been operating for a long time, changing its style can be a good alternative to increase your customer base. The identity you create for your restaurant helps (a lot) to define and get to know the profile of the customers you intend to attract. The goal is for them to identify with the environment you’ve created , making the overall experience more enjoyable.

3. Low cost alternatives

A great reason to invest in decoration is to increase your profits. But for that, you don’t need to spend worlds and funds or open a hole in your cashier. Changes don’t have to be onerous to achieve good results. Painting the walls, changing the sign, applying new finishes, changing the floor, using different lighting: all this can be done with the “good and cheap” philosophy. Small projects can be done without the need to hire a team, and details such as frames and table games can improve the appearance of the environment without having a high cost.

4. Greater permanence, greater consumption

Depending on your business model, it is interesting to keep the customer as long as possible inside the establishment, consuming and having fun with what the place has to offer . Comfort is one of the great allies of restaurant owners in this regard. A well-designed layout and comfortable furniture make anyone want to spend more time there. Soft seats, anatomical backrests, stylish tables and niches with sofas conquer the hearts of the most demanding customers.

5. Dodge the competition

You have to win the hearts of customers so that they prefer your restaurant to others. Attract your customers by investing in a beautiful façade that draws the attention of anyone passing by on the street. Make them identify with your restaurant even before entering. A well-designed façade instigates the customer and gives hints of what he will find inside, making it easier to choose the restaurant.

6. See your customer come back

Decoration is the ideal partner in the goal of making a new customer come back to your restaurant again and again. It is important that they feel at ease, enjoy more intensely what the menu has to offer and always have your establishment as their first option . So that your restaurant patrons always want to come back, it’s important that they feel at home whenever they come in for any meal. You can achieve this with special lighting that helps create a cozy and familiar atmosphere.

7. Demonstrate the quality of the restaurant

Show that the restaurant is modern and reliable and that you care about meeting cleanliness and organization requirements, as well as the quality of service and food served. Invest in a decoration that leaves the kitchen on display, through glass, for example. In this way, your client follows the preparation of the dish he ordered, sees how modern the facilities are and knows how the ingredients are handled. This makes him trust the service you offer.

8. Create loops

Your customers have to love your restaurant for what your menu has to offer and for how they are treated when they are tasting your delicacies . Make your dishes stand out even more by choosing elegant crockery and cutlery and ensure that your customers will always have compliments to give. Also, use the decor to bond and make them feel part of your business. Separate a wall so that customers can leave messages and suggestions for new dishes for the menu . This can be done in a variety of ways: blackboard ink, colored pens, or self-adhesive paper. Be creative and encourage your customers to be too!



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