health:The changing seasons affects our mood, living styles,

mental and physical health as well as eating habits.

health Shifting from cold weather to more tolerable and pleasant spring is not always a smooth  change  . At the start of spring we have to detain our inner child who constantly cried for hot chocolate, fries and midnight snacking.

Now it’s time to put a leash on our inner wild cat,

who is always on the hunt for snacks.

  • We should change our eating pattern by drinking more water and staying hydrated.
  • We should also cut down caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee as they are antidiuretic which tends to decrease the water level in our blood.
  • It time to adapt a healthier lifestyle by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in our daily meals as they contain important nutrients and vitamins.
  • Alongside a good healthy diet we should also look into workouts and exercises as they help us remain active and fresh throughout the day rather than being lazy and unproductive.

advantage of the lovely spring:

We should take advantage of the lovely spring weather and go for morning runs in a nearby park which will also help us detox from everyday work/studies pressure and relax.

As spring approaches and the weather gets less chilly and bearable we also tend to be carefree about wearing jackets or coats when going out even though it is still significantly cold. This results in us often catching a cold during changing weathers. We must ensure that we cover ourselves with proper clothing during this time period especially children and individuals from an older age group as they are more sensitive and usually have a weak immune system.

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