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Writing an employment confirmatory letter is never simpler!

What exactly is an employee confirmation? What is its purpose? How do you write one? So many questions. Many answers; however, everyone is addressed right here on this blog. Using-chatter-to-work-in-salesforce.

Do you know anything more? I’ve also included an easy-to-download template for you! When you need to inform your employee that they’re being changed from probationary to a permanent employee, you don’t have to be concerned anymore!

Writing an employment

What is an employment confirmation?

Before we examine this particular job confirmation letter, we believe it’s important to comprehend the purpose of probation.

What is a probationary period?

Often, companies employ employees under probation. It usually lasts for some time, usually for six months. The purpose of this period is to allow employers to assess the extent to which (or how) the employee performs. In this period, the employee is evaluated based on their performance. In addition, based on the way they perform, they either get permanent status as an employee or are fired from the business.

Employment confirmation letter

Now, you understand what probation is. This type of letter is typically issued to notify employees that they’re being removed from probation and permanently taken on as an employee. It’s as easy as this.

Now, let’s move on to other aspects, such as why writing an excellent job confirmation is crucial.

What should you put in your employment confirmation letter?

A congratulations note to the new employee.

It is evident that this is a happy event, and it is essential to start by expressing your joy. Thank the employee for all their great work and for being an employee of the company’s life.

The title of the job and description of the employee.

This seems too evident.

Make clear the role you will be offered to the employee. The job title must include a short description of the job they’ll have to complete. It lists their daily job responsibilities, tasks, and duties.


Date of joining as well as job place of work

Make sure to include details such as the job’s location and the employee’s first day of suspension in your letter. It is also important to mention the hour’s employee’s work during the day and the number of working days per week. Briefly describe your employee’s time of attendance and leave policy in this area.

Include deadlines and the next steps for them.

The next step will cover what the employee needs to accomplish before starting their job. This will include

  • Documents that are relevant to submit (if required)
  • The deadline for submitting the documents
  • Accepting the offer of a permanent position (unless the employee plans to transfer to another job)
  • Structured pay, employee salary, and other benefits

In the letter, mention the applicant’s wage structure, the frequency of payments, and the payment method. This must be included on the form if you’re one of the companies offering stock options. You can also try our calculator that calculates the salary breakdown for free!

The conditions on the conditions you used to make the offer (if you have any)

Perhaps you observed that this particular employee, such as, for instance, an agent for sales, was extremely adept in following up on leads and was able to convert a lot of them. They are expected to keep (if not increase) the impressive lead conversion rate, even when they are permanent employees. This is a requirement of the job contract. It is imperative to state the minimum conversion rate you require them to keep in the confirmation of employment letter.

Another scenario could be If your employee has all the necessary knowledge for the job but cannot comprehend a specific instrument; they need to master the tool within the time between when they were offered the job and the date they joined.

Additional information

It would also include providing their new boss’s contact number or email address to make contact with them should they have any questions. This should also include a mention of the dress code (which they already know, but it is important to mention it!) Also, you should include a quick overview of the company’s policies and how they relate to the new job status for the worker.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a confirmation letter for employment

Here are a few most frequent mistakes to avoid in creating a confirmation letter for the job

Grammatical mistakes! I’ve mentioned this many times in my blogs. However, I do not think I can emphasize this enough. It’s the most stressful experience when an employee or candidate discovers grammatical mistakes or typos within your letters. So be extra careful.

Do not make the mistake of not mentioning important details. As much as you can, be specific and explicit.

Also, don’t provide any incorrect details accidentally or by mistake. Check and verify things, including the date of joining, job title, manager’s contact information, etc.

Please do not make this letter seem like it’s a contract. It’s used to convey positive news to employees. It should appear as such. While some formality is necessary, let the letter be written with an overall cheerful style.

Ensure to inform the employee how long the offer will be valid. Although most employees are content to be permanent employees of your business, I don’t think they will always will. Some have plans of changing jobs, perhaps when you were evaluating whether they’d be an ideal fit for you and they decided that you weren’t the right choice for them! Give them enough time (and indicate the length of time) to consider accepting (or refusing) the invitation.

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