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7 tips for recovering at-risk customers


1) Understand your customer lifecycle

The first step to knowing who are the customers at risk and why they disappeared is to know their life cycle very well . How often your customer visits your store and when they should be considered lost or inactive is essential information . Understanding how he buys and what his need for your product or service is also important.

CRM tools can help you understand this cycle more easily.

2) Find out who are the customers at risk

We have already commented that recovering lost customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. But, this only works if you have the contact details of these people to call them back. That’s why it’s so important to have the data on each purchase and, therefore, know each one that passes through your store.

Most management and CRM tools already offer this intelligence, presenting the customer list with a survey of essential information such as: last purchase date, number of visits and average spend. Group these customers and track this list to create your action plan.

3) Find out why he disappeared

Listening carefully to customers and their opinions about your store is to understand the reasons for downtime in advance. Implement after-sales satisfaction surveys and evaluations of your products and services and pay attention to each response you receive — always look for opportunities for improvement that you can implement.

Give, especially to dissatisfied and lost customers, the opportunity to explain the reason for the disappearance. All the details passed by them are the first step in your action plan to get them back.

4) Create a plan to solve the problems

Solving the problems that were uncovered during your searches is our top tip. Not only listen to what your customers have to say, but create actions that address those objections. Remember, the faster you tackle these issues, the better for recovery for at-risk customers.

Most stores follow two paths to win back their inactive customers: keeping in close contact and sending exclusive offers. These are cheap, easy and quick actions to implement in your business.

5) Keep in touch always

Your customers need to remember you. Today, with the number of stores offering similar products and services, it is common for people to forget that you exist. Don’t allow that to happen. Always stay in touch with your consumers, telling them what’s new, creating content and offering benefits — whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Also, personalizing and segmenting this content so that it creates a sense of exclusivity is key to getting your lost customers back. Use the channels where your target audience is present, be it social media , phone, email or SMS, intentionally. Send only what is necessary to create a curiosity and bring him back.

6) Offer exclusive offers

Everyone loves receiving discounts and benefits, even more so if they are exclusive. Create offers and campaigns focused on this audience and contact each one to get them to come back.

7) Don’t forget active customers

In addition to bringing your lost customers back, you need to be aware of who is already loyal to your brand . Make sure their satisfaction level is good and that they too receive exclusive offers and interesting communications. The same tips for recovering those at risk serve to keep customers active and close.

Now, don’t waste any more time, create your action plan and start winning back your customers at risk with our tips. Don’t forget to listen to feedback and rely on it to continuously improve your store.

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