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What is Mechanical Keyboard? How Is It Different From Other Keyboards?

What is Mechanical Keyboard? What Does It Do?

The mechanical keyboard is one of the oldest types of keyboards in use today. These models, which are thought to date back to the 1980s, basically have the same working principle as typewriters. So much so that these models have an independent mechanical key for each key in the set. So each key has its own mechanical key. Since there is a separate switch for each key, it is often preferred by computer gamers.

Mechanical keyboard types are often described as sound-making hardware. Because most models make an intense clicking noise during use. With the products developed in recent years, this noise has been reduced to a minimum. There are also important reasons why these models are frequently preferred by the players.

If the gaming keyboard has mechanical features, it will have a lower reaction time. In addition, while the number of keys that can be pressed at the same time on normal keyboards is often limited to 6, all keys can be pressed at the same time in mechanical keyboards. This gives an advantage in games that require different key combinations. Along with the question of what is a mechanical keyboard, the features of these keyboards are often wondered.

What Do Mechanical Keyboard Switches Mean?

The difference between mechanical keyboards is understood by the type of switch and its features. There are many switches used in such keyboards and they are classified by color. But basically there are 3 main types of switches. These main types can be listed as follows:

  • Clicky switch that makes a clicking sound on switch movements
  • Tactile switch that feels feedback on switch movements
  • Linear switch that does not feel feedback on switch movements

There are several different companies that produce switches for use in mechanical keyboards. These companies generally classify switches as red, black, blue, green, brown and white (or colorless) . Although the values ​​offered by each company are different, details such as feel, click, jump point and keystroke life are taken into account in the classification of these switches.

What are the Main Differences Between Mechanical Keyboard and Normal Keyboards?

There are very distinct differences between normal keyboards and mechanical keyboards. The most important difference is that each key has its own key in mechanics. Normal keyboards have a plastic and membrane structure./features-to-look-for-selection-of-3-best-technology-product/

Durability and Lifespan

Each key of normal keyboards can withstand an average of 5 million strokes. In Melcanics, this number can reach up to 60 – 80 million. This makes mechanical keyboards much longer lasting and durable.


The most important reason for the difference in terms of service life and durability is the production cost. While normal keyboards can be produced at a lower cost, mechanicals have a higher production cost. This is naturally reflected in the sales prices. Mechanical keyboards are generally known as expensive products. There is a significant price difference with normal keyboards, but considering the lifetime, it may be a more economical option in the long run.


There is a distinct weight difference between the two keyboard types . Separate switches on each key of the mechanical models create a significant weight. Also, because the keys are bigger, they are heavy. Normal keyboards are very light and can be easily carried around. However, being heavy has the advantage of preventing the keyboard from slipping, especially during gaming.


It can be understood at first glance whether a keyboard is mechanical or normal. Because these two types look different from each other. There is also a much greater variety of models in mechanics. Especially illuminated mechanical keyboards are widely used. These models, which are frequently preferred by the players, can easily be understood to be mechanical because they have an extremely different appearance.

Feedback Time

The feedback time that can be felt during use is also different for both keyboards. Mechanical models receive this feedback much faster. In fact, some models are very sensitive and function without the need to press the keys fully. Although this feature is sometimes useful, it is a disadvantage for typing. For this reason, normal models are preferred rather than mechanics for writing operations.

Key Function Diversity

Normal keyboards are designed with the aim of performing basic and simple operations. Therefore, they have only classical functions. Mechanical keyboards can have many functional keys. These functional keys are especially advantageous in computer games and can be used as shortcuts for general tasks.

Key Sound

The “click” sounds from the keys are one of the most distinctive features of mechanical keyboards. Although the loudness of the mechanical models varies depending on the switch type, normal keyboards are much quieter. For this reason, while normal keyboards are preferred in the office environment, mechanics are mostly used for specific needs.

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